Hello Viewers…I am Sakada Phat. I born and raised in Cambodia. Inspired by traveling and live in a simple life. I am a believer. Believe in what? I do not know too. But, I believe that Travel is the most precious thing. Even you travel as a tourist, exchange student, business, and whatever Travel always gives you the life learning experience. Believe what you see, feel, touch, taste, and experience, you will keep moving on it. I also think it is important to always keep yourself motivated and to find something that may not seem interesting to you anymore.​​ This blog is probably my travel dairy plus my study and work experiences that related to traveling. I create this blog just to remember moments when I traveled to within my country and abroad, I traveled to different places in this beautiful world. Hope you all enjoy it and get some experiences from it!

Sakada​ Phat 🙂